Inaugural Sweatcoin Influencer Contest

Sweatcoin App Influencer contest

So, you have feel like you have some influence on social media. Think on your recommendation your followers will sign-up and install a free heath and fitness app. If so, thank me, reading this article just made you money.

For the last 3+ years I have been writing, sharing, participating and promoting Sweatcoin. This is the app that rewards you with “sweatcoins” just for doing the walking or jogging you already do. The earned coins can be exchanged for offers that range from discounts, gift cards and “marathon” rewards that include a trip to Disney (this is NOT easy and will take a couple years of very active walking). I found that the motivation provided by these rewards helped get me active, hoping it would do the same for some friends, I introduced them to Sweatcoin.
It wasn’t until then that I realized that this completely free app has the strongest affiliate program I have found. Once you introduce 30 people to the app on either iphone or android, a new menu opens in your app marketplace.
This is where it gets interesting.. You are now a Sweatcoin Influencer (happens automatically, no need to apply) and you can collect cash to either paypal or your bank account for future referrals. You are paid for the initial 30 as well.
Here’s the newest reward for influencers, in July 2021, Sweatco ltd. introduced its first Influencer contest and it’s a great one.
Top Sweatcoin Influencers during the inaugural contest running July 19 through August 9, 2021 will be competing for 10 prizes including $1000 in cash (in addition to the normal affiliate program earnings), an Apple Watch, Air Pod Pros and more.
If you are in the health and fitness space or just find that you have influence, sign-up today.

Sign up Today and Earn Rewards

Official email details:
Today, we’re announcing our very first competition with over $1,800 to win for 10 lucky winners!

The competition will run from July 19th to August 9th. The goal is to invite as many people within this timeframe as possible and the 7 influencers with the most invites will be ranked on a Leaderboard. The leaderboard will be on display within the Sweatcoin app. At the end of every week, we will also post the top 10 influencers on our Instagram page @promotesweatcoin. In addition to the 7 leaderboard prizes, we also have 3 raffle prizes available which will be randomly allocated to any influencer that participates in the competition and successfully invites at least 10 people.

Check out the amazing prizes on offer below! Good luck and happy influencing!

Leaderboard Prizes:

  • 1st Place: $1,000 USD in Cash

Raffle Prizes:

  • 1st Place: AirPod Pros or $200 USD in Cash

T&C apply; this contest is only available to influencers in select countries. This includes influencers from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Would love to hear your feedback below. Just don’t bother trying to convince me that the app or the company is a scam. That’s ridiculous and I have the paypal payments to prove it. Always been paid, Always timely, Always. Going on nearly 4 years and that’s all I’ll say about that. Install Sweatcoin here (I will get the 5 SWC reward as an influencer for sharing this contest info)
More unofficial details at Sweatcoin.Club (not owner or operated by Sweatco ltd)

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